Sustainability is our top priority! That is why we hope that you will enjoy your purchase for a long time to come. Below you will find tips & tricks to ensure that your jewelery lasts as long as possible.

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General info

Although all our jewelry is made of solid gold, it remains sensitive to external influences. You will always receive our jewelry shiny at home, but over time the gold and the stones can become a bit dull. Below you will find a number of tips and tricks to keep your jewelry beautiful for the longest time, so that it can last for generations! We also recommend having your jewelery checked and cleaned by a goldsmith or jeweler once every six months. They will immediately check whether the setting / stones are still in place. NB! We do not guarantee vintage jewelry. We make sure everything is checked and in order as soon as they arrive at you. So keep a close eye on the condition of your jewelry!

Clean your jewelry yourself

A lukewarm soapy water with a little washing-up liquid or green soap works wonders! Let your jewelry soak in it for a while and then gently clean it with a cloth or toothbrush. Tip! Our cleaning cloth is ideal for this. Order it here .
NB! Turquoise and opal do not like water. If they do come into contact with it, dry them as soon as possible with a soft cloth.

  • No perfume please

    Avoid direct contact with perfume, shampoo, body lotion, make-up or other chemicals. Have you ever forgotten? Rinse them with warm water or use our cleaning cloth.

  • Nighty night

    It is better to take off your jewelry while sleeping. Moving in your sleep can cause damage, or you can lose your jewelry. Then you look crazy when you wake up in the morning…

  • Don't sweat it

    Do not wear your jewelry while exercising! You can lose or damage them and gold doesn't like sweat. So store it!

  • They love it dry

    Solid gold will not discolour, so you can wear your jewelry while showering or doing the dishes. Keep in mind that no metal is a fan of water, let alone the influence of soap or detergent. Taking off your jewelry will extend its life.

  • Keep 'em cool & dry

    Store your jewelry in a dark and soft place. Prevent your jewelry from coming into contact with direct sunlight. As mentioned above, certain gemstones can discolour. Tip! Our jewelery boxes are ideal for storing your jewellery. You order them here .

  • Ultrasonic

    Have your jewelry checked every six months by a goldsmith or jeweller. They can, among other things, check the setting and gemstones and let your jewelry shine again as if it were new.

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